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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Mad Hots

Dear Biatch,

I have the mad hots for a guy I met last week. Am I a ho if I sleep with him?



Hooking up with a new guy is AOK as long as you don't expect anything else from him. I've said before to hold off on sex, but that's only when the guy is someone you want a future with. In this scenario, it sounds like Danielle's interest is more physical than anything.

Putting out just for fun is not only tolerated in my book, it's encouraged! It might actually serve to make your loins that much less fiery when Mr. Right comes along. Of course, this is all assuming that you WANT to hook up with him. You should never give in to pressure...this is what you want you little minx!

5 Scenarios in which putting out just for fun is encouraged:
  1. You have nothing in common except for a mutual lust
  2. He's an idiot, but damn he's hot
  3. You're in a foreign country, so he's hot...with an accent!
  4. He's famous (trust me, it makes a great story)
  5. He's too young for you (but of legal age of course), and did I mention he's hot?

Of course always be safe regardless of who he is. For those who call you a ho...they're just jealous. I call you sexually adventurous!