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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Just say no

Dear Biatch,

So I was dating a super hot guy for a couple of months. When we spent our first night together nothing happened because 1. I'm a virgin and 2. I asked him to get tested first. He seemed to understand on both accounts and said he had no problem getting tested. (This guy has a wild sexual past, by the way)

So just about 1 week before he's due to get his test results, he broke up with me telling me I'm no fun in the sex department, that I'm too uptight and risk-averse, blah blah blah. I wonder how can he conclude that if we never had sex in the first place? So I told him "just give me the test results and then we'll roll around and have as much sex as we want", and that I wanted him to be my first, and that I find him very attractive. He still said no, that he doesn't see me as a long term relationship kind of thing.

Now, I only wanted this guy to be my first and to play with, not to marry, so I have no problem making this into a no strings attached just for fun sex thing. But I'm broken up at the moment (for the strange reasons I just wrote above). What should I do? Do I just show up one day at his house and seduce him? Even without the test results, assuming I use a condom? Or is that too risky?

What do you think?


Dear Meredith,

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. Under no circumstances should this jerk be your first time. Believe it or not, your first time really is something that sticks with you for the rest of your life. It should not be with someone who has already stated that he doesn't want to be with you, no matter how hot he is! The fact that you say your broken up suggests that you have emotions tied up in this, which is of course completely natural. But that also means you can't be too cavalier about losing your virginity, or else you'll get hurt.

It was unfair of him to say that you are no fun in bed simply because you wanted to wait until you had test results in hand, meaning he's either 1) too dumb to realize you were just being responsible and that you are in fact a wild little minx (I mean you did offer to "roll around" with him!) or 2) he's just using it as an excuse to get out of the relationship. Either way, he's not worth your while.

There will be other hot guys, and one of these hot guys will actually be the kind of guy you can remember fondly. Consider yourself lucky that this guy saved you the trouble of remembering his sorry ass.



PS...sadly a girl's first time is rarely all that fun because it's a fairly painful endeavor, so unless you were planning on a long running "just for fun" situation, you wouldn't get much out of the deal anyway! I say wait for someone you can really enjoy it with.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry for the delay(only some month lol)... but no, Meredith you shouldn't do that. Something like that happened to me last year only that I lost my virginity with someone that I shouldn't... I was stupid and naive. I supose geting cheated by the first isn't any girl's childhood dream so I was destroyed when I found out. Anyway now I am find, my current bf helped me out a lot(he was cheated too and he knew how to help me and ease my pain. we should start a club lol.). Now I live with him and all seems right.

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