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Monday, July 25, 2005

Comme les Francaises

My French guy friend says to me the other day that the French just don't date the same as American people. Apparently it's delightfully straight-forward. Girl meets boy. There's an instant connection, and they don't play games. Next thing you know, they're a couple. No waiting 3 days to call or just casually dating for months on end.

OMG, can I please move to France right this instant! Seriously, other than smelling like cheese and body odor, the French sound perfect.

Why is it that we Americans feel compelled to make dating so complicated? Maybe we should all do ourselves a favor and simplify. Wouldn't we all be happier and save a ton of our valuable time if we just cut the crap?

5 Ways to be More French
  1. Men, don't wait 2-3 days to call. If you like her, call her the next day. It won't kill you, and it might just make her day!
  2. Be intense. It's ok to gaze longingly into someone's eyes once in a while. If you both like each other, why not admit it?
  3. Surrender...The French are famous for it! In this case, though, surrender to romance...instead of playing it cool, be a hopeless romantic for once! It's ok to be hopeful no matter how many times you've been burned
  4. Speed the process up. It shouldn't take you months to figure out if someone is worth being your girl/boyfriend. If you are that unsure if someone is right for you, they probably aren't. Stop wasting your time trying to figure out something you already know! And if you are sure, then don't hide it just because you're playing it cool.
  5. Armpit shaving is optional

Alas, all of these methods may not really play in our over complicated dating world, but a girl can dream, right?

Au revoir, mes amis...




Blogger Elisa said...

Heh, in Mexico it is the same thing. When boy asks you out...Bam! he's your boyfriend. There's no such thing as "dating". I think the american system of dating several people at once is so screwed up. You can't really get to know someone if you're worried constantly if he just came back from kissing someone else. Weird system, here in the US. {shrug}

5:48 PM  

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