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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Putting Out

Dear Biatch,

I'm dating a new guy who I really like. When is it ok to sleep with him?


Well, Beth, it's pretty simple. For now, keep you pants zipped!

If you truly like a man, and you want him to stick around, waiting at least a little while is advisable. We all know that early on a man has one thing and one thing only on his mind. If you make him wait long enough, he'll accidentally get to know you in the process of getting into your pants. If you give in too soon, and he's gotten what he wants before he has time to notice how cute your laugh is or to find out that you have a fascinating perspective on global warming, then he might move on to a new conquest.

S0 how long is long enough? It all depends on circumstances, but aim for a month or two. No one can really get to know you any faster than that, so why rush it? Plus, people appreciate things more when they really have to work for them. If your pants fall off without the slightest provocation, he's not going to feel like he earned it!

So you say you are simply too horny for that? Allow me to direct you to the nearest Hustler store. There are ways to take care of an active libido that don't involve putting out too soon.

Beth if you really like this guy, keep those loins in check...if he's as great as you think he is, he'll wait for you (at least for a while!)